SGS-1080 High Speed Double Head Stripping Machine

This machine is used for blanking the finished cardboard, plastic and leathers which processed by die cutting machine. With compact structure, high pressure and precision, it is easy for operation with reliable quality to lower the working intensity and labor cost. This machine is suitable for printing, packaging and plastic industry, high speed.


  • Compact structure, fine manufactured, high pressure and precision, easy operation and safe.
  • High grade material welded all in one with high strength.
  • Sealed cover to improve the safety of operation.
  • Moving platform with stable stripping head, the products are moving along with two axis, working area are controlled by PLC and position limiter.
  • High power servo motor no maintains needed, the movement are run by ball screw and straight-line guide.
  • All direction technique, photoelectric device ensures the measuring precision, sealing design to prevent the dust.
  • Personnel in production operations, staffing stripping head is not in direct contact with the work site, No security risk.
  • Operating altitude is reasonably arranged, easy to use.
  • The frame adopts whole steel laser cutting, plate material thickness, effectively increase the anti-tremor,strong body, strong stability.
  • Die board without cleaning waste paper stopped knife, integrity is improved greatly, improve the speed of pipeline.
  • The waste paper bending process, easier to organize, reduce the pasting process.
  • High quality cleaning waste, prevent the finished rub flower, scratching, breaking the situation, deformation and uneven edges.
  • It greatly reduces the labor intensity improve productivity.