Strengthening Our Relationship ( Services Support )

Our aim is Total Customer Satisfaction through excellence of design, quality components, backed with prompt and efficient after sales services. Our main focus is on on-line Production Improvement, New Product Development, Electronics & Automation, and Waste Elimination & Standardisation. Our philosophy is built on fast reaction to market requirements. Therefore, an analysis of new demands and the development of appropriate technical solutions form an integral part of our service. We are oriented towards long term customer service, thus completing our approach to high quality. Consistently high quality technical support from our team of trained technicians is ensured through the design of our unique service program – the person who assembles a machine also has responsibility for the installation of that machine
  • Total commitment
  • Reliable meetings in dealines
  • Technical Support
  • Responsive & present at any moment
  • Training in imbibed
  • Transparent long term relationship


In order to achieve our motto “Total Customer Satisfaction”, we provide extensive and exhaustive On-the-Job training to technicians and operators in a specially custom designed program. Eminent personalities in the field of Adhesives, Pneumatics, Films and Electronics provide their technical expertise for efficient utilization of these components/raw material and trouble shooters.