High Speed Carton Folder Gluer

DAYA PRINTOGRAPH High Speed Folder Gluer is developed through years of experience and accumulated technology. The value packed machine is capable of folding and gluing all kind of paperboards. It can make all types of boxes, from miniature to large size, meeting a wide variety of customer requirements for high efficiency and versatility.
FRICTION FEEDER for constant feeding of blank cartons into the machine with speed variator to allow space between the blanks, an electromagnetic clutch to enable start and stop of feeder. PREFOLDING SECTION for first and third crease of straight-line box and all front flaps of crash lock bottom blanks CRASHLOCK BOTTOM (OPTIONAL ATTACHMENT) fitted in pre-folding section with glue wheels for applying adhesive to double wall and crash lock flaps. LOWER GLUING UNIT fitted with glue tank and wheel for both left and right side flap cartons. As an option, machine can be equipped with an injection gluing system for both hot and cold adhesives. FOLDING SECTION for second and fourth creases. The length of this section permits gradual and precise folding of the cartons at high speed. TRANSFER SECTION with trombone arms enables a perfect flow of boxes onto the continuous conveyor of the transfer section. COLLECTING AND PRESSING SECTIONfitted with conveyor belt, variable speed and DC motor, electronic system for stop and restart guarantees an uninterrupted box flow and constant production. REMOTE CONTROL UNIT attached to an overhead gantry allows ease and constant control of basic operation over full length of the machine. SHEET AND BATCH COUNTERfor production speed in meters per minute, number of boxes per hour and pre-selection of number of boxes per batch upto 999 units.


  • Motorised kicker type friction feeder with AC variator and stack vibrator
  • Electro magnetic clutch to start & stop feeder
  • Pre-folding section for first and third creases
  • Lower gluing (disc) unit in 3mm stainless steel
  • Right and Left side pasting
  • Crash Lock bottom attachment
  • Folding and closing section of second and fourth creases
  • Transfer onto continuous conveyor with trombone arms
  • Motorised press with adjustable pressure
  • Remote control attached to overhead gantry
  • Sheet & batch digital counter & Kicker


Model  CFG 25  CFG 35  CFG 45  CFG 65  CFG 110
 Min Open Carton Size  10 cms  10 cms  10 cms  10 cms  10 cms
 Max Open Carton Size  25 cms  35 cms  45 cms  65 cms  110 cms
 Speed (Rft/min)  0-800  0-800  0-800  0-800  0-800
 Drive Main Machine  5 H.P.  5 H.P.  5 H.P.  350 mm  10 H.P.
 Drive Pressing unit  1 H.P.  1 H.P.  1 H.P.  7.5 H.P.  3 H.P.
 Dimensions of machine (in cms)  840 x 100  840 x 110  840 x 120  2 H.P.  900 x 185
 Weight (approx)  2000 kgs  2500 kgs  3000 kgs  4000 kgs  4500 kgs

(Design and specifications are not binding due to constant improvements)