Coating Machine

Started from simple design to most technically advanced machine today, our coating machine is configured to suit all the adhesive technologies in use today. The main design parameters are high output, high performance and energy efficient. Technologies can be combined to meet individual customer requirements. The technical design of the COATING SYSTYEM combined with perfect and stable interaction of the precision mechanisms provide total control of rheological properties. High DRYING performance with perfect web stability and completely uniform drying with NOZZLE SYSTEM and THERMIC FLUID guarantees maximum production reliability, quality and cost-effectiveness. The solidly built UNWINDING and WINDING SYSTEMS ensure precise ring winding to avoid problem during later processing. It has SUBSTRATE-ORIENTED WEB TRANSPORT which ensures that are thin films, Papers and Laminates with properties that constantly changing in the coating line due to coating, drying and moisturisation are transported through the line without creasing and with minimal shrinkage, and wound absolutely straight. We offer water based and solvent based coating machines for paper, film & foil & label stocks and Silicone coating machine for labels, adhesive tapes and release products with speed of 125 meters per minute.