Jazz Automatic Film Lamination Machine

Water Based adhesive, Single Side Sheet to Reel Cold Lamination for BOPP Films-Matt, Gloss or Metallized


  • Water Based, Single Side Sheet to Reel Cold Lamination
  • FIlms-Matt, Gloss Metallized BOPP
  • Integrated feeder which can take stock from 120-450gsm
  • Sheets are fed on vacuum bed with wide belts for precise underlap accuracy.
  • Two laminating rollers – one hardome steel roller and second rubberroller are pneumatically controlled at the nip
  • Adhesive is pneumatically controlled and precisely dispensed by pneumatic pump, which ensures neat operation
  • The roll of film is mounted on quick-change airshift with film tension controlled by a pneumatic brake.
  • Film roll has a trim slitter and perforating mechanism
  • Entire process of feeding, laminating and rewinding as per increasing speed levels are synchronized and ensures non-stop laminating
  • Modular design machine, which can be run in conjuction whith SHEET SEPARATOR machine essential for separating laminated sheets
Optional: Model JAZZ-CT for water based adhesive and thermal Lamination.


  • Maximum Sheet Size : 1040mm L x 780mm W (40″x30″) 780mm L x 1040mm W (30″x40″)
  • Minimum Sheet Size : 432mm L x 360mm W (17″x14″) 360mm L x 432mm W (14″x17″)
  • Stock Range : 120gsm to 450gsm
  • Speed : 0-70 Meters per minute**
  • Power Requirements : 9Kw
** Depends upon material thickness, properties and operation conditions.