KDX Dry Lamination Machine

A fully integrated system for high volume production

The KMM -1050D is a high speed laminating machine specially developed for high volume industrial needs where flexibility and quick turnaround is needed. This is a fully integrated system incorporating an automatic feeder, a powder cleaner, a lamination station, an automatic sheet separator and an integrated stacker which allows you to produce high quality laminated work combined with an excellent profitability factor. The KMM -1050D is an ideal solution for all your high volume lamination needs. Two large user-friendly touch screen control panels, the easy access to all vital parts of the machine allowing quick adjustments contributes to reduce considerably set up times.


  • Non- Stop Feeder, with automatic motorized platform and auto protection function
  • Overlap adjustment by servo
  • Feeding: Up & down pile facilities
  • Pile loading facilities: Yes
  • Vacuum table
  • Vacuum pump: Yes Feeder pile height : 1000 mm
  • Feeder pile height : 1000 mm
  • Front Lay and Side lay

Power Cleaning

  • Calendaring Roller with Doctor Blade for Powder Cleaning (optional )
  • Brush Roller with Vacuum for Powder Cleaning (optional)


Heating type: High accuracy intelligent heating system (electromagnetic cylinder), patented technology. No oil or water, safe and clean. Save up to 30% of electricity consumption compared to oil heating solution. Heating temperature stable and heat compensation fast. Some other laminating machine producers promote external electromagnetic heating cover, but this kind of heating exposes operators/workers to the electromagnetic field, which will greatly damage their health and put enterprises into legal risk. Our heating solution is based on electromagnetic field ENCLOSED INSIDE of the cylinder, which will not generate any harm to anybody near it.

  • Electro Magnetic Heating system for Main Nipping roller, Japanese Technology
  • Electric Heating for Top Drying Drum
  • Integrated heat generator and exchanger for maximum energy saving.
  • Electronic temperature control: temperature difference < 2degree Centigrades
  • Max temperature: 140°C
  • Pneumatic Nipping Pressure of 15 Tonnes
  • Banana roller: Yes pneumatically adjustable
  • Decurling bar
  • Two Reverse roller system with Doctor blade for Adhesive Coating
  • Teflon coating on all adhesive parts/tray, greatly reducing time and difficulty of cleaning
  • Automatic open/close of oven, easy for cleaning and maintenance
  • 1st Film Unwinding Air Shaft with brake and 3″ core
  • 2nd Film Unwinding Air Shaft 3” core has double functions which can also be used as rewinding shaftfor thin paper max diameter 500mm (optional)
  • One set of film slitting blade and waste film rewinding motor
  • Tension Controller for Film Unwinding – Electro Magnetic
  • Tension controller between laminator and sheet cutter – Servo Driven
  • Process control: single central panel for ease of operation
  • Automatic open/close of oven, easy for cleaning and maintenance

Sheet Separator

  • Patented HOT KNIFE technology for cutting PET, Metallic film or Nylon film, no film tail
  • Rotary blade cutting for BOPP film
  • Perforating Wheel cutting system for BOPP film
  • Cutting roller for BOPP film – Pneumatic driven and controlled by Motion Controller Brush roller after cutting
  • Brush roller after cutting


  • Delivery conveyor with Double cross belt system
  • Stacker pallet in feed, with automatic motorized platform and auto protection function
  • Pile loading: Pallet in feed
  • Paper Height : 1000mm
  • Pneumatic Side pushers
  • Slow down function when sheets are in disorder
  • Conveyer belt from AMMERAAL BELTECH, made in Switzerland

Electronic Panel

  • Four Servo Drives – each at Feeder, Overlap, Tension Controller and Hot knife
  • OMRON- PLC, Two 10” Touch screen, SERVO, MOTOR DRIVES
  • DELTA- Electro Magnet Heating Controller
  • Baumer Laser sensor, completely produced in and imported from Switzerland


  • Voltage 380V-50 Hz
  • 3 phases plus earth and neutral with a circuit breaker
  • Heating power15Kw
  • Overall power 88 Kw
  • Power consumption 40 -45 kw


  • Pressure: 6 bar or 90 psi
  • Volume: 450 litres per minute, 26 cfm air sec, air volume must be constant.
  • Incoming air: 10mm diameter pipe
  • Compressor: supplied by the customer.

1. Maximum Sheet Size 1050 x 1200 mm
2. Minimum Sheet Size 390 x 390 mm
3. Mechanical Speed upto 100 meters/minute*
4. Production Speed 60-80 m/min *
5. Overlap Accuracy +/- 2mm *
6. Hot Knife Cutting Accuracy +/- 1mm *
7. Paper Grammage 100-450 gsm
8. Film 10-40 microns
9. Film Type BOPP, PET, Metalised PET, Anti Scuff Matt, Silky Matt Nylon, Eco Touch & Linen film.

*Depends upon material such as paper, glue, material properties, operator skills, and general operating conditions. Specification are subject to change without any prior notice. Accuracy of overlap & Hot Knife cutting is on average speed