Fully Automatic Dry Film Lamination Machine Model -PYLO with Hot Knife Cutting

Suitable for PET, BOPP,PVC film to Paper and Board with Water based adhesive and Thermal Lamination. Machine is composed of automatic feeder, gluing section, drying chamber, laminating section, Sheet Separation section and automatic stacker and it can work water-based and pre-coated film.


  • Integrated feeder
  • Control for easy set-up of sheet length and underlap
  • No sheet Detector
  • Accommodates paper stock up to 86mm (34”) height
  • Stock range 125 gsm to 500 gsm


  • Sheet to Sheet and Sheet to Reel Lamination
  • Pneumatic controlled pressure for various stocks
  • Film is mounted on a quick change air shaft with a slitter mechanism
  • Adjustable film slitting capability for optimum film stock usage
  • Water heated steel hard chrome roller
  • Two Unwinding shafts for Strip Lamination


  • Servo Controlled Hot Knife Cutting System with Laser Sensor for accurate cutting of POLYSTER FILM
  • Automatic sheeter that runs in –line with laminator an off-line as well
  • Adjustable de-curling bar
  • Pneumatically controlled separator roller
  • Variable speed pull rollers for controlled sheet delivery
  • Controlled speed and snapping parameters provide optimu film separation
  • Synchronized sheet separator maintains continuous production