Suitable for Separating PET/POLYSTER/BOPP Film Laminated Sheet

Suitable for separating BOPP laminated sheets:

  • Rotary knife for cutting can be micro adjusted and easily controlled
  • Automatic sheet that runs in-line with laminator and off-line as well
  • Adjustable de-curling bar
  • Pneumatically controlled separator roller
  • Synchronize sheet separator maintains continuous production
  • Adjustable stacking table accumulates output
  • Pneumatic controlled high speed piston vibrators
  • Automatic pile height adjuster
  • Complete with servo control drivers and hmi


 Minimum Sheet Size 1040mm L x 780mm W(40” x 30”) 780mm L x 1040mm W (30” x 40”)
432mm L x 360mm W (17” x 14”) 360mm L x 432mm W (14” x 17”)
 Power Requirements  120 gsm to 450 gsm


Suitable for separating BOPP laminated sheets:

  • The rewinded laminated sheets on roller are directly fed on separator
  • The in-feed nip rollers are pneumatically adjustable
  • The separated sheets are properly collected on a Stacker
  • Digital Counter
  • Fixed Stacker