Sheet to Sheet Laminator


  • Bottom Feeder with automatic kicker feeder and vacuum box conveyor.
  • PLC controlled feeding process.
  • Boards run in through machine direction.
  • The board is pasted through the gate by “suction belts” to make the sheet deliver smoothly.
  • Register variation correction.
  • Simple set-up: Set board feed side guides, back support and front gates.
  • Feed Table is on wheels and pulled out for easy access to the gluing section.


  • Manual Single sheet feed on center of conveyor belts.
  • Simple set-up: Set side guides, angle of table.
  • Sheet cannot move sideways as guides are on both side and wide belt for precision.
  • Feeding table flips up for easy access.


  • Applies glue to board.
  • Simple Set-up: Adjust length of sheet, board, width of sheet & adjust nip.
  • Prior to pressing, photocell sensor and mechanical controls detects both sheets and register accuracy.


  • Single compression section is on wheels for easy mobility.
  • Full 9 feet long section ensures complete bonding of substrates without crushing.
  • Pressure adjustable pressing unit.


Size Range Model

Maximum Sheet Width

Maximum Sheet Length

Minimum Sheet Width

Minimum Sheet Length


800 800mm (32”) 1000mm (40”) 200mm (8”) 350mm (12”) 3 H.P.+2 H.P.
1100 1100mm (43”) 1400mm (55”) 200mm (8”) 350mm (12”) 5 H.P.+2 H.P.
1400 1400mm (55”) 1600mm (63”) 200mm (8”) 350mm (12”) 7.5 H.P.+2 H.P.
Top Sheet 180 to 450 gsm
Bottom Sheet From 250 gsm to 10mm
Registration Accuracy* ± 0.5mm
Air Requirements 6 Bar : 80Psi: 34cfm
Mechanical Speed* 0-40 Mtr. Per Minute
Glue Water Based / Starch

Depends Upon the Properties of Materials being used and existing operating conditions.