A fully integrated system for high volume production

The SMW-1050D is a high speed laminating machine specially developed for high volume industrial needs where flexibility and quick turnaround is needed. This is a fully integrated system incorporating an automatic feeder, a powder cleaner, a lamination station, an automatic sheet separator and an integrated stacker which allows you to produce high quality laminated work combined with an excellent profitability factor. The SMW-1050D is an ideal solution for all your high volume lamination needs. Two large user-friendly touch screen control panels, the easy access to all vital parts of the machine allowing quick adjustments contributes to reduce considerably set up times.

Main Features

  • High speed feeder ensures stable and accurate sheet feeding and easy operation.
  • Non-stop feeding and stacking greatly shortens preparation time.
  • Heating roller adopt electromagnetic heating system, rapid heating, energy saving and environmental protection.
  • Chromed high brightness coupling rollers with doctor blade to coat evenly and economically
  • Strong heated air drying system for rapid and efficient drying.
  • Anti-curl unit suitable for thin paper laminating treatmen.

Automatic paper feeder and overlapping syste

The auto feeder with the pre-stacking and non-stop paper feeding function to ensure the lamination continuous and save time, so as to increase the productivity. With servo drive over overlapping system,The overlapping precision: ≤±2mm. The auto feeder with the limitation of maximum and minimum paper, and the maximum paper and minimum paper length ratio is limited in 3:1

Powder cleaner unit (dust removal): optional

The powder cleaning unit is dry type cleaning, combined by dust brushing absorbing and thermal pressing roller powder removing. The powder cleaning should process after the paper finished overlapping, the conveying belt and feeding system should make sure straight and stable moving during

Lamination System

Combined by gluing unit, drying unit and compress laminating unit. Gluing unit evenly gluing, adopt chrome-plate roller and doctor blade for gluing, gluing precision ≤ 0.008mm. The drying unit adopt big diameter thermal heating drum (diameterΦ550mm), temperature control within 80℃, heavy hot air circulating, so can achieve the fast drying purpose, at the same time can assure the film not stretch and break. The heating steel roller adopt oil heating (inner heat), diameter Φ380mm. The Rubber pressing roller hydraulic cylinder inner diameter 63mm, max pressure can reach 10ton, so can assure the high speed lamination requirement. Rubber pressing roller lift up and down with automatic control device, convenient control the pressure and more easy operation.

Film unwinder with Circular cutter

If the width of film is bigger than the sheet, you can use the film cutter to cut the edge. Pneumatic shaft with magnetic brake tension control The powder cleaning should process after the paper finished overlapping, the conveying belt and feeding system should make sure straight and stable moving during Also can with differential slip shaft and straight rubber roller for multi roll lamination (option)

Cutting system (separating and pulling device)

The paper separating device adopt blade disc rotary cutting, can assure paper which above 105gsm can be effectively cut. The cutting system adopt frequency conversion speed control so can synchronously working with main lamination syste

Fying knife cutting system

It also equipped with chain knife flying cutting device which focus on the PET, PVC film separating The MPET materials is hardness and not easy to tear it up. After passes through the laminating cutting section, you can using this system to cut it off immediately. The finished products will deliver to stacker Automatically.

Control system

The whole lamination system with computer touch screen, simple and stable operating. Touch screen can be movable type (optional)

Movable lifter

Some of the film roll is very heavy, operator can using the movable lifter to lift the film roll on the pneumatic shaft.

Model FM-1050B
Max.sheet size 1050×1450mm
Min.sheet size 360×290mm
Paper weight 100-500gsm
Speed -70m/min ( according to the material, printing )
Total power 69kw with powder
Machine dimension 11000*2200*2400mm
Machine weigh About 8800kg

NO. Item Brand Origin
1 Main moto ManLi Zhejiang
2 Feeder Run Zhe Zhuji
3 Vacuum pump Becker China
4 Bearing NSK Japan
5 Fibre-optical Photo Senso Omron Japan
6 Relay Schneider Frence
7 Green flat button Schneider Frence
8 Red flat button Schneider Frence
9 Emergency button Schneider Frence
10 Two position K Schneider Frence
11 AC contactor Schneider Frence
12 Switching power supply Delta Taiwan
13 Temperature Module Delta Taiwan
14 PLC Delta Taiwan
15 Braking resistor Delta Taiwan
16 Air cylinder Airtac Shanghai
17 Magnetic valve Airtac Shanghai
18 Photoelectric switch Diq Shanghai
19 Touch screen XianKong SheZhen
20 Frequency inverter Delta TaiWan
21 Breaker CHINT Wenzhou
22 Digital counter Dahua Wenzhou
23 Over load Relay AnDeLi Wenzhou
24 Hydraulic pum TianDi Ningbo
25 Rotary conne Yujie QuanZhou
26 Chain XiLin HangZhou
27 Heater LongHui WenZhou
28 Heat radia LongHui WenZhou
29 Convey belt Hulong WenZhou
30 One way pneumatic diaphrag FeiYa WenZhou
31 Blower YinNiu TaiZhou
32 Oil hos HuiLong HuNan
34 Encoder OMRON Japan
35 5 Rewind motor Shanghe Shangha
36 Pressure gauge HuaYi HangZhou
37 Optical fibre amplifie LEUZE Germany
38 Optical fibr OMRON Japan
39 Chain knif VICOOL ShenZhen
40 Chain knife control touch screen WenView TaiWan

Front and side gauge
Teflon coated glue tray for easy cleaning the glue
Differential slip air shaft for multi strip lamination
Glue Pump
Delta PLC & Inverters, Schneider Brand Breaker