Turbo Dry Laminating Machine


  • Suitable for sheet to reel single side water based adhesive lamination
  • Auto overlap controls for manual feeding
  • Top drying drum with heaters
  • Closed vertical heating chamber with hot air blower and exhaust
  • Mirror Glass Finish Steel Hard Chrome Heating Roller
  • Silicon Nipping Pressure Roller
  • Hydraulic power pack pressing system
  • Circulating oil temperature control unit
  • One film unwinding air shaft with pneumatic brake
  • One rewinding air shaft with auto tension control
  • Film slitting attachment
  • Film bopp, pet and metpet
  • Film thickness 10-40 micron
  • Teflon coated adjustable adhesive tray
  • Pneumatic diaphragm adhesive pump
  • Coating controlled by Pneumatic
  • Controls with PPPPLC & AC drive
  • Maximum film roll unwinding diameter- 350mm


  • Powder cleaning attachments with blower
  • Static eliminator
SIZES :- 600mm, 800mm & 1000mm