U. V. Coating and Curing Machine

“U.V. COAT” is the most advanced technology applied to the field of the graphic arts for the polymerization of inks and varnishes with ultraviolet radiation. The “U.V.COAT” includes all recent technological solutions for easier use and to increase productivity. DAYA PRINTOGRAPH U.V.COAT is engineered for high speed coating & curing of water based, solvent based varnish, UV curable lacquers and solvent/water/UV inks for sheet feed flexographic printing. The machine is equipped with automatic feeder and can perform solid/full U.V. Coating, Spot Coating. U.V. Curing & IR Drying. In the same machine, both U.V. lamination & Aqua Coating can be done.


  • Motorised kicker type friction feeder with AC variator and stack vibrator
  • A powerful automatic stream feeder complimented by a heavy duty 3 H.P. compressor to lift the heaviest of boards with ease.
  • Helical hard and ground gears, dynamically balanced cylinders, precision CNC boring and precise quality control for speeds upto 8000 sheets per hour and maintenance free performance for years to come.
  • Simple and reliable Analox change system for quick Analox changeover in less than 3 minutes. Pneumatically operated Analox and impression cylinder for back-off during emergency stop and power failure.
  • An independent powerful Analox motor keeps the Analox cylinder running during press stops to avoid drying of water / solvent based inks and varnishes.
  • Plate cylinder undercut to accommodate supply blanket with underlay or photopolymer plate for solid or spot coating.
  • High pile feeder for long run jobs with fewer press stops.
  • For tight register control, positive gripper byte on impression cylinder to hold a wide variety of material even with the tackiest of coating lacquers.
  • Advanced PLC technology for enhanced operator interface.
  • The synchronization of “U.V.COAT” speed is electronically controlled with date set up and readings on digital display that allow easy control of all other working and diagnostic functions.


U.V. Dryer Type  GT Ultra Cure 700i 50 X 75 cms (20” x 30”)  GT Ultra Cure 900i 60 x 90 cms (24” x 36”)  GT Ultra Cure 1000i 70 x 100 cms (28” x 40”)
 Curing Width  70 cms (700 mm)  90 cms (900 mm)  100 cms (1000 mm)
 Bulb type U.V (Medium Pressure)  Pure transparent Silica quartz 120watt per cm  Pure transparent Silica quartz 120watt per cm  Pure transparent Silica  quartz 120watt per cm
 Air Cooling  100mm  100mm  100mm
 Operating Voltage  440 volts 3 phase AC 50cycles  440 volts 3 phase AC 50cycles  440 volts 3 phase AC 50cycles
 Power Consumption  120W per cm for U.V  120W per cm for U.V  80W per cm for U.V
 Conveyor  Vacuum system, Electronic conveyor synchronized with feeder
 Collecting Table  Provided

(Larger / customized sizes also available) (Design and specifications are not binding due to constant improvements)