Mr H V Sheth, also President of IPAMA, represented India at Globalprint Meeting of the Secretary Generals during IGAS in Tokyo, Japan on the 22 September 2007 to verify Global Print Federation statue. The main objective of this global federation is for the common interests and mutual understanding amongst manufacturers of printing, paper-making and converting machinery and equipment and consumables in particular. The official announcement of this Association will be during drupa 2008.

Present Member representatives were Mr Ralph Nappi, NPES, USA; Mr A. Jixin & Mr Wang Demao, PEIAC, China; Mr H.V. Sheth, IPAMA, India; Mr.Tokio Takeuchi, JPMA, Japan; Mr. Pere Serrat, Graphispack, Spain; Dr. Guido Corbella, ACIMGA, Italy; Mr Claude Charrier, SCIPAG, France; Mr Tim Webb, PICON, U.K.; Dr. Wilfried Schäfer, VDMA, Germany.

Later Mr Yoshiharu Komori, President & CEO of KOMORI, hosted lunch for the Secretaries Generals and members of the boards of the Globalprint Associations.